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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dual Citizen to the United States and the United Kingdom


Tel: +1 415 602 3918


Hi, I'm Bethany! I see myself as a Service Designer and or a Customer Experience Designer. I haven't taken part in many projects that don't consist of research or client collaboration on some level, so I have experience with: directed and non-directed interviews, intercepts, workshop facilitation, design sprints, focus groups, field studies, concept testing, and usability testing. I've also had the pleasure to be a part of seeing a lot of my work go to market. 


I've worked with clients in:

  • Travel industry - airport customer experience redesign 

  • Non-profit work - specifically focusing on child development in war-torn environments and first aid kit care

  • Telecommunications - Improving digital teams process maps to address bottlenecks 

  • Research & Development for High Tech clients - Helping in integrating new technologies to improve healthcare, and utilizing new technologies to improve factory safety

  • Pensions and Retirement - Redesigning employee journeys and designing new offerings

  • Luxury retail - incorporating new technologies and redesigning customer return journeys

  • Automotive - in-car dashboard experience redesign with new technology integration

I focus on creating with a user-lead approach. I first seek to understand the underlying problems, to effectively work with clients to use design to problem solve and, together with the client, orchestrate the right experience for their end-users.  

I've had the pleasure of studying design in Edinburgh and Oslo; to work in London, Dubai, and

now San Francisco. 

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